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New builds, Plants, and Maintenance

High Quality

The best Quality for an affordable price, we use all natural processes with top of the line equipment to provide the best product for you!

Made in the USA

We sell here and we grow here.

be ready for another world system

in your own home

Maintenance plans

Life can busy, and tank maintenance can be a full time job. Let us help. We offer different levels of tank care depending on your needs.

tank builds from scratch

Want a beautiful piece of moving art but don't know where to start? We can help!

water tests

Just need a water test? we can help!


We specialize in plants. Instead of importing from other countries, we propagate locally so you know where your plants are coming from.


Coming soon


We know its a big job to maintain a tank with time, knowledge and patience. We strive to provide you the enjoyment of owning a tank without needing the extensive knowledge to keep it going

New arrival

Tank Builds

Looking for a new art piece to your house or office? Working with our team we can help design a beautiful scape to match your space.

from 10 Gallon up to 250 Gallon

Out of this world tanks

Check out our previous builds